2023 Committee

East Brighton Football Club committee positions have mostly being filled. We still do have a couple of positions available and would always welcome general committee members for those wishing to get involved.

Each team will also need volunteers and any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Please speak to your respective team manager to find out how you can be of assistance.

Executive Committee

President: Emma Stuart
Mobile: 0422 545 854
Email: president@thevampires.org

Secretary: Colin Cochrane
Mobile: 0418 396 405
Email: secretary@thevampires.org

Treasurer: Marcus Lavender

Vice President: Tony Cook

Football Operations: Brendan Stuart

General Committee

Richard Rayner

Andrew Taylor

Terry Leith

Renae Nash

Ben Douthie

Ashleigh Rayner

Lulu Tomkinson

Carlie Cochrane

Dejah Haar-Lewis

Social sub committee -
Kyra Dalman
Spencer Martinez
Sophie Stuart
Harris Diviny
Cal Morgan.