Social Media Policy


This Policy is about the current and future tools that the Club will use in its communication strategy which currently includes but not excluded to Facebook, Twitter, EBFC website.

This Policy is not about the tools that individuals use in their day-to-day communication; however, the Club’s Code of Conduct will be enacted as a result of any individual issue or behaviour arising that is considered to place the Club into disrepute.


The East Brighton Football Club Football Club Inc. (EBFC) supports the following guidelines when using social media


  • Use common sense
  • Always respect the SFNL, its clubs, competitors, players, fans, and sponsors
  • Supplying updates
  • Promote stories about you and your club with links
  • Interact with your followers and friends
  • Follow each other and chat with each other
  • Talk about life outside footy
  • Have fun


  • Never act like everything you upload is private
  • Don’t forget the SFNL and its clubs follow you
  • Don’t abuse the SFNL, its clubs, fans, competitors, and sponsors
  • Never post photos that are inappropriate (i.e. drinking, nudity, etc.)
  • Ignore haters – don’t respond to them.




The East Brighton Football Club Inc. hereby announces that it has a ‘Zero Tolerance’ on any breaches on our Social Media platforms – there is to be no bringing the Club into disrepute, no racial/religious/sexist vilification; no derogatory remarks towards our Club, other Clubs, the SFNL, and/or individuals will be accepted.

Inappropriate use of electronic communication includes but is not limited to making or posting inappropriate comments against players, members, supporters clubs (ours and others), club officials, match officials, league itself or its delegates – which is hurtful, discriminatory, sexist, racist, or offensive in nature.

 Any person who believes that they have been the victims of inappropriate electronic communication should report the matter to any member of the Committee or to the Club’s Secretary (either in writing or verbally) along with any evidence that may assist the Club in investigating the concern.

 The Club will undertake to investigate the concern at its discretion. Matters which are deemed by the Executive to be more serious in nature may be reported to external to the club authorities (i.e.: the Police) – should this be the case, it will be reported to them by the Club President.

Non-compliance with the general outline above will result in disciplinary action for any violations – as outlined in the Club’s Constitution and Club’s Code of Conduct. A rule of thumb is: “If you don’t have something positive to say, then do not say anything at all.”

Any inappropriate content including but not restricted to comments, photos etc. will be recorded by the Communications Manager if further action is deemed appropriate and deleted and the offender may be blocked from the Social Media platforms.


As a player or member of the EBFC, it is everyone’s responsibility to implement this Policy.


The East Brighton Football Club also recognises that as providers of information we have a duty of care to convey information to all players and members in a respectful and courteous manner – both verbally and in written form.

The East Brighton Football Club Executive and General Committee understand and accept its responsibility to this effect; and to abide by the Club’s Code of Conduct. Equally, it is imperative that all players and parents/guardians and friends also abide by the Clubs Code of Conduct.